Clinton's Last Effort Towards Middle East Peace

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Israel and the Palestinians have never been closer to reaching a final agreement and, at the same time, never as far apart. As violence continues in the West Bank and Gaza, Yasser Arafat has returned to Washington to meet with President Clinton one more time. We follow the process with Israeli and Jordanian journalists, the deputy director of a nonprofit institute dedicated to the study of Middle East peace and security, and a board member of several human rights organizations.
  • Newsmaker: The Slowing Economy - With a slowing economy, we can expect the Feds to lower interest rates in an attempt to fuel spending and help us pay down debt. Elizabeth Razzi, of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, says 30-year fixed mortgage rates are falling too, benefiting first-time buyers and those refinancing.
  • Reporter's Notebook: International War Crimes Tribunal - President Clinton has signed the treaty to set up a permanent international criminal court, but Hesse Helms, the Senate's most powerful voice in foreign relations says Clinton's decision "will not stand." Diane Orentlicher, of the War Crimes Research Office at American University, talks about prospects for US involvement in the tribunal.



Warren Olney