Clinton's Pardons

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The President's executive authority to pardon has been used and abused since the birth of the US, yet even Democrats are appalled by Bill Clinton's last-minute pardon of a billionaire fugitive. Though doubtful that Clinton's actions will result in a Constitutional amendment or impeachment, the appearance of a quid pro quo is undeniable, and raises issues of influence trading and personal responsibility. We ask legal and political experts what, if anything, makes these pardons different.
  • Newsmaker: Palestinian Retaliation for Israeli Killing - A Palestinian bus driver drove into a crowd of Israeli soldiers and commuters today, killing eight in the bloodiest such attack in four years. Zalmin Shoval is a policy adviser to Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon. He says there will be absolutely no chance for peace until Palestinian violence ends.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Submarine Accident - The Navy has disclosed that civilians were occupying key posts when a US submarine sank a Japanese fishing boat last week. James Sterngold, of The New York Times, updates us on the National Transportation Safety Board's investigation. Doug Waller, of Time magazine, recounts his civilian experience "driving" a nuclear sub.

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