Coalition Building or Coalition Buying?

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Turkey-s refusal to base American troops has raised questions about the Bush Administration-s strategy for recruiting allies. The US was offering $30 billion but Turkey-s parliament said -no- to American troops on their way to Iraq. The leaders of Spain, Mexico, Chile and other UN Security Council members are looking at carrots for going along with the US and at sticks if they don-t. When their citizens are opposed to America-s war in Iraq, their price goes up. But disappointing the super power can be very expensive, too. We look at the immediate cost of assembling the -coalition of the willing- and its long-term consequences with a former envoy for the US State Department, and economic and foreign policy experts from the American Enterprise Institute, World Policy Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Making News: Arrest of al Qaeda -CEO- Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
    US and Pakistani intelligence agents are questioning the biggest catch so far in the war on terror. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the so-called mastermind behind September 11, was captured this weekend in Pakistan, after a worldwide manhunt. Authorities hope that arrest will forestalling future attacks by al Qaeda. BBC reporter Jane Corbin has more on the identity and interrogation of the -operational commander- of the worldwide terrorist network.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Industry Insider on Alleged Smuggling of Cigarettes to Canada
    Canada has filed criminal charges against affiliates of RJ Reynolds, accusing them of cigarette smuggling that allegedly cost Canada $800 million. Also accused of felony fraud and conspiracy are eight executives of the tobacco giant who tried to scapegoat one of their own. Former sales manager Les Thompson, who served a term in a US federal prison after pleading guilty to cigarette smuggling, picks up the story.



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