Coast-to-Coast on US Support for War on Terrorism

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Polls show that 90 percent of Americans back the war on terrorism, yet only half believe government can prevent more attacks. Last night, President Bush confronted the difficult task of sounding the alarm while reassuring the nation about domestic security. He called for a new generation of alert volunteers. Of the three major networks, only ABC carried the speech. As the President tries to rally the nation, how are Americans responding? We hear the results of the latest Gallup Poll, then sample opinion around the nation, including Michigan, home to the largest Arab community outside the Middle East.
  • Newsmaker: Nationwide Pro-Taliban Protests in Pakistan - As Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf travels to the UN and a meeting with President Bush, three people have been killed by police during a national protest against the bombing of Afghanistan. The Christian Science Monitor's Philip Smucker has more on the success and political significance of the nationwide protest and strike.
  • Reporter's Notebook: "Rebuilding New York," Irish Blue and White Collars Come Together This weekend, the New York Times will publish a special edition of its Sunday magazine. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Jim Dwyer has contributed an article to "Rebuilding New York," about an Irish-American neighborhood that lost both firefighters and financial consultants in the tragic events of September 11.

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