Coming to Our Census: America Takes a Headcount

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The first details from the latest census reveal that the nation's population is up 13% to 281 million. While the immigration debate may not have changed in 100 years, the source of the influx and its economic impact have. We'll hear from an immigration researcher, and representatives of the Census Bureau, American Enterprise Institute and National Conference of State Legislatures about who we are, where we come from, the meaning of diversity, and the power and process of reapportionment.
  • Newsmaker: National Ramifications of California's Energy Crisis - California's energy crisis gets deeper by the day. The state, which by itself has the world's sixth largest economy, finds its two major electric utilities billions of dollars in debt. Lori Woodland, a utility analyst for Fitch, a major credit rating agency, explains the crisis' growing implications for the rest of the country
  • Reporter's Notebook: A Survivor's Guide for Presidential Nominees - Even after selecting a cabinet, the Bush administration must fill 7000 jobs in an application that is, at best, rigorous. Paul Light works for the Brookings Institution, publisher of A Survivor's Guide for Presidential Nominees. He says that two "must-haves" for applicants are a typewriter and high school yearbook.

A Survivor's Guide for Presidential Nominees



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