Condi Goes to Europe and the Middle East

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"Whirlwind" is Condoleezza Rice's term for a trip to eight countries in just seven days. In Berlin, Rice brushed over past disagreements and thanked Chancellor Schroeder for help to the Iraqi people. In London, she harshly admonished Iran not to use the cover of nuclear power to develop nuclear weapons, but admitted that consideration of military action was not on the agenda. Now, she's on her way to Poland, Turkey, Jerusalem, the West Bank, Brussels and Paris, where she'll make a "major address" next Tuesday. Can the new Secretary of State mend fences and promote the Bush agenda at the same time? As it reaches out to long-time allies, is the US as important to them as it used to be? We hear what Rice has being saying about the Atlantic Alliance, Iraq, and the possibility of a US attack on Iran.
  • Making News: Insurgents Continue Campaign of Violence in Iraq
    In Iraq today, an Italian journalist was kidnapped from on a street where she'd been conducting interviews in central Baghdad. A US soldier and Iraqi contractor were killed, and the US general in charge of training Iraqi troops said intimidation by insurgents has hampered his efforts. From Baghdad, the Christian Science Monitor's Dan Murphy updates the security situation in Iraq and tentative results in last week's election.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Superbowl Reins in Ads and Entertainment
    In the 60's, the Beatles had to curb their enthusiasm to avoid shocking the audience on The Ed Sullivan Show. Viewers of last year's Superbowl may not remember much, but they will remember Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction." So, this year, the NFL and Fox TV have chosen Paul McCartney as a safe act for this year's half-time program. The Los Angeles Times' Scott Collins previews Sunday's entertaining line-up.

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