Congress Reconvenes as Midterm Elections Loom

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Congress has returned to Washington to an atmosphere of great uncertainty. In this, a midterm election year, they must address issues of both war and recession. President Bush is riding a crest of enormous popularity, but will his party be able to hold the House and regain the Senate? How will Enron impact the energy plan, economic stimulus, tax cuts and spending? Will its contributions to Republicans and Democrats move them to increase regulation of stocks and accounting, and enact campaign finance reform? We talk about war, recession and scandal in an election year with pundits, pollsters and politicians, Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman of California and Republican Congressman Mark Foley of Florida.
  • Newsmaker: Israel, Hamas and Continuing Middle East Violence
    In Nablus today, on the West Bank, Palestinian funeral marchers attacked a Palestinian police station, and forced the release of a jailed member of Hamas. Hamas has vowed to wage war against Israel after it killed four alleged Hamas bombers. Alan Philps, Jerusalem correspondent for Britain's Daily Telegraph, observes that the 16-month cycle of violence has created a palpable sense of gloom.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Anthrax Source Most Likely Domestic
    The FBI has focused its investigation of last fall's anthrax attacks in central New Jersey, and has asked the public for assistance in that state. Some scientists now believe that one of their own may be on the FBI's short list of suspects in the attacks. Dr. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a bioterrorism expert with the Federation of American Scientists, draws on the evidence to speculate on who the guilty party might be.

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