Congress Wrestles with Resolutions on Iraq

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After meeting with leaders of Congress, President Bush addressed the nation today, asking for -unity- on the subject of war with Iraq. Republicans and Democrats stood next to him at the White House, promising support for the use of force to oust Saddam Hussein. While House Democratic leaders are completely on board, in the Senate, even some Republicans still have reservations. We get an update on the debate on Capitol Hill and at the United Nations, where the President wants tough new demands on Saddam Hussein. Helping us sort is all out are journalists from The Hill, The Nation, the National Review and Reuters for an update on what-s happening on Capitol Hill and the United Nations.
  • Newsmaker: Former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow Turns Himself In
    After many months out of the spotlight, Enron topped the news again today with the arrest of its former chief financial officer. Andrew Fastow, who was paraded to a Houston court in handcuffs, has been charged with felony fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. Jonathan Weil of the Wall Street Journal has more on the charges and what-s in store for Fastow and other executives of the troubled energy company.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Humorist Retraces Cook-s Pacific Rim Journeys
    When Captain James Cook set sail from Great Britain in 1768, a third of the world had never been mapped. His three expeditions to the Pacific Ocean transformed our knowledge of nature and man, producing maps so accurate they were still being used in the 1990-s. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Tony Horowitz, who set sail on a replica of the Endeavor, begins his Blue Latitudes with an account of that voyage.


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