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Four years ago, Vice President Cheney dismissed conservation as "a sign of personal virtue, not a basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy." But recent hurricane damage is creating shortages of gasoline and home heating oil, and that means higher prices. Last week, President Bush called on all Americans to adjust thermostats, turn off lights, carpool and use public transit. Today, he advocated increased refining capacity to overcome hurricane damage and meet increased demand for gasoline and heating oil. What about his previous call for voluntary conservation? We hear more about the rising cost of oil and gas, the Bush Administration's public relations campaign and the debate over energy policy from experts in energy, conservation and global warming, including a former advisor to President Clinton.
  • Making News: Bush Insists Miers is Best Possible Choice for Court
    President Bush made a ringing endorsement of Harriet Miers for the US Supreme Court and warned about a pandemic of Avian Flu. Calling Miers' lack of judicial experience a plus, the President affirmed that she shares his judicial philosophy and won't change. Edwin Chen, who covers the White House for the Los Angeles Times, has more on today's conference.
  • Reporter's Notebook: DOD Report Finds Iraq War Delayed Katrina Relief Effort A confidential Pentagon report says the war in Iraq hampered efforts to cope with Hurricane Katrina. Stephen Henthorne, deputy director of relief in Louisiana, is quoted in London's Independent newspaper as concluding "the US military has long planned for war on two fronts. This is as close as we have come to that reality since the Second World War; the results have been disastrous." The Independent's Kim Sengupta has more on the scathing indictment.

President Bush's press conference on Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers

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