Court-to-Court Combat: Gore's Legal Homestretch

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In the wake of the latest court rulings and with the deadline for naming Electoral College delegates just a week away, what options does have Al Gore have left? Four weeks after election day, can Gore still pull out a victory? We get opinions from election observers and experts in constitutional law including retired Florida State Supreme Court Justice Gerald Kogan, and Alan Greer, co-counsel for the plaintiff in the Seminole County court case.
  • Newsmaker: Update from Austin - George Bush has finished his first national security briefing and has met with his presumptive chief-of-staff. Wayne Slater, Austin bureau chief of the Dallas Morning News who is covering Bush for the paper, gives us a rundown on the Governor's recent activities.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Pinochet is Indicted - Chile is closing the books on its dark past as former dictator Augusto Pinochet is charged with the 1973 kidnapping and murder of 77 civilians. Marc Cooper is a contributor to The Nation and host of Pacifica's Radio Nation. He was a translator for Salvador Allende, who was overthrown and killed by Pinochet's military regime.




Warren Olney