Dangers of Journalism: The Hunt for Daniel Pearl

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It's been three weeks since Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted while on his way to interview the leader of an extremist group, and two weeks since his kidnappers have been heard from. While Pakistani authorities believe Pearl is still alive, and have arrested three men who claim to have sent emails and photographs of him, investigators are stumped by the silence of the leading suspect, who was last heard from a week ago during a cell-phone conversation with a relative in Lahore. Meanwhile, the grainy photograph of Pearl with a gun at his head has etched itself into the minds of other foreign reporters. We talk with veteran combat journalists Robert Fisk, Jennifer Glasse and others about how Pearl's kidnapping has affected their work.

Correction by CNN's Walter Rodgers:
Walter Rodger's responded by e-mailed to an erroneous statement by journalist Robert Fisk about his reporting from Kandahar, Afghanistan.

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