Day Two of Operation Iraqi Freedom

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The city of Baghdad is being lit up by continuous, major explosions. In 10 minutes time, some 25 public buildings have been destroyed along the west bank of the Tigris River, including an important palace honoring Saddam Hussein. B-52 bombers are on their way from Great Britain, and other planes have been launched from carriers in the Mediterranean Sea. We get an update from a reporter in Northern Iraq, and reaction from the Arab world. We also hear about the oil-well fires in Southern Iraq and the psychological campaign that is all part of -shock and awe- from military, energy and communication experts at the Foreign Policy Institute, the Naval War College, the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
  • Making News: Shock and Awe Campaign Underway
    With the massive bombing of Baghdad still underway, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld says that confusion is spreading among Iraq-s leadership. The world has witnessed the devastation captured by journalists traveling with the advancing troops. Philip Coyle, a senior adviser for the Center of Defense Information, explains the military-s reliance on precision bombing.
  • Reporter's Notebook: General Tommy Franks
    When America-s -shock and awe- strikes are over in Baghdad, General Tommy Franks will go down as having unleashed one of the most devastating air campaigns in history. The man in charge of the US Central Command is far from the action, orchestrating the invasion from Qatar, an emirate in the Persian Gulf. Paul de la Garza, who covers national security for the St. Petersburg Times, profiles the colorful Franks and his military strategy.

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Secretary Rumsfeld on Operation Iraqi Freedom

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