Deadly protests in Iran; divestment from fossil fuels

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Iranian and US flags. Photo courtesy of SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research.

When political protesters were gunned down by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, was it a victory or a defeat for President Trump?

Also on this podcast: the rude disruption of this year’s Harvard-Yale football classic in the fight over climate change. Should their massive endowments divest themselves of fossil fuel stocks? It’s a strategy that helped end apartheid in South Africa and reign in big tobacco. Activists call it a moral imperative for training America’s next generation of leaders.


Robert Malley - International Crisis Group - @Rob_Malley, Umair Irfan - Covers climate change, energy, and the environment for Vox - @umairfan, Solomon Medintz - Third year undergraduate at the University of Michigan and a member their Climate Action Movement

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