Death and Displacement in the Sudan

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President Bush has called for an end to -ethnic cleansing- in Sudan, south of Egypt. The State Department says 30,000 people have been systematically killed, while a million more have become refugees. Since independence from Britain in 1956, 30 million Sudanese have been engaged in a civil war that has left two million dead. Now, the Muslim government is arming nomadic Arabs in the western part of the country who are, in turn, systematically destroying villages of black Africans who are also Muslims. The failure of the United Nations to intervene recalls the genocide in Rwanda 10 years ago, and promises that it would never happen again. Warren Olney looks at this developing humanitarian crisis with experts in African affairs, including historians and human rights activists, a UN spokesman and a State Department advisor.
  • Making News: The Latest in Fallujah
    The Associated Press says US Marines are withdrawing from positions in Fallujah, handing them over to Iraqi soldiers. Agence France-Presse says flag-waving crowds have greeted former Republican Guard General Jassim Mohammed Saleh. Proclaiming full confidence in Saleh, American General Mark Kimmitt denies the Marines are pulling out. We get an update from Dan Murphy, who's in Baghdad for the Christian Science Monitor, and from Tony Perry of the Los Angeles who's embedded with the Marines.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Why Europeans are Getting Taller-and Americans Aren-t
    The Netherlands has become a land of giants, with men seven inches taller than Dutchmen were in the days of Vincent van Gogh. Americans, who were the world-s tallest people up until World War II, aren-t any more. How do we know that? Why should we care? Writing in The New Yorker, Burkard Bilger recounted the research of "anthropometric historian" John Komlos, who-s doing research at the University of Munich.

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