Declining Oil Prices Makes for Winners… and Losers

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Remember when gasoline was sky high? Not any more. The average price for a gallon is now under 3 dollars--and going down. That’s good for America’s pocket books; big cars and trucks are selling again; home heating oil is more affordable in New England. But it’s bad news for the environment. We’ll hear why it’s happening, and what it means for Iran, Russia and the OPEC nations. Will the world be more or less stable? And the big question: how long will this last?

Plus, an update on the most recent U.S. jobs report, and NASA’s latest “era of space exploration.”

Banner Image: A Columbia QuikTrip pump displays the current gas prices with prices ranging from $2.32 for Unleaded to $2.62 for Premium. Almost a year ago, gas prices were exactly a dollar more per gallon in mid-Missouri.; Credit: KOMUnews



Warren Olney