Democracy in the Palestinian Territories and the US

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Yasser Arafat has been laid to rest in Ramallah, and Palestinians are preparing to hold elections in 60 days. President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have promised to help establish a democratic Palestinian state, perhaps in the next four years. Meantime, questions are still being raised about democracy in the US. During last week's voting, early exit polls seemed to show that John Kerry was winning. One pollster estimated Kerry would get well over the 270 required. Though it didn-t turn out that way, that prediction is still being cited by those who are convinced that the election was rigged. Were electronic voting machines rigged? Were there more votes than there were voters? What about those exit polls? We revisit charges that all was not right last week's presidential election with journalists in the US and Britain, pollsters, election officials and observers, and advocates of election transparency.
  • Making News: Bush, Blair Affirm Support for Democratic Palestinian State
    After a ceremonial state funeral in Cairo, Yasser Arafat has been buried in Ramallah, where massive crowds thronged his former compound and mourners fired shots in the air. At the White House, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair told reporters they are committed to establishing a democratic Palestinian state. They also addressed the war in Iraq, which has led to erosion of political support for Tony Blair. We hear more from Matthew Cooper, who covers the White House for Time magazine, and James Naughtie, who anchors the BBC radio program Today.

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