Dick Cheney, Zell Miller Highlight the RNC

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Late yesterday, New York police got tough and arrested about 900 people in what protesters called "a day of direct action." Another action was directed at the Fox TV Network. Tonight, the Vice President and renegade Democratic Senator Zell Miller are expected to take off the gloves when they address the Republican National Convention. Miller is Georgians' Democratic Senator, who keynoted Bill Clinton's first convention here at Madison Square Garden. Is Cheney an asset or a liability? Why is Miller called "Zig Zag" Zell? From the Republican National Convention in New York City, Warren Olney joins political satirists, strategists and current and former Republicans as well as a correspondent from Al Jazeera for an update on tonight's action and the un-televised culture wars.
  • Making News: Does Kerry Need a New Campaign Strategy?
    Presidential candidate John Kerry has broken precedent and delivered a major speech during the opposition's nominating convention. Addressing the American Legion Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, he faulted the Bush administration for failing to listen to its military advisors and for bungling the war in Iraq. The New York Times' Jodi Wilgoren has more on Kerry's speech and campaign strategy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Schwarzenegger Wows Nation in His Wide-Screen Debut at RNC
    Last night was Act One on the national political stage for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he did say "girlie men" after all. Hollywood writer-producer Rob Long, who's also a contributing editor to the National Review and Newsweek International, was in the audience at Madison Square Garden. He was among the many who were delighted with the wide-screen debut of the actor-turned California Governor with national aspirations.

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