Digital Divide and Poverty

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America's high-tech industry is divided over what to do about the digital divide. Is charity or greed propelling them into the third world market? We weigh both sides with representatives of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett Packard's "World e-inclusion", the World Bank's digital divide unit.
  • Newsmaker: Seminole County Democrats Seek to Bar Absentees - As more lawyers descend on Florida, an obscure suit by a private individual is getting new attention. With 15,000 votes are at stake, the Democrats and Republicans have reversed the arguments they're using in other legal cases. Viveca Novak, Washington correspondent for Time magazine, has been tracking most, if not all, all of the legal maneuvers in Florida.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Anti-Trust Group Urges Government Action Against Voter News Service - Once relying on their own competitive exit polls, in 1990 broadcast and cable networks united to use shared information. In this election they all made the same mistakes. Robert Lande, Director of the American Antitrust Institute, thinks that their collaboration violates the law and may seek to block the practice.

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