Discord at UN World Conference on Racism

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Officials from around the world are gathering in South Africa for the United Nations' conference on racism. The Bush administration has decided against sending the first African American Secretary of State, concerned that the conference could become a forum for raising issues of slavery reparations or to condemn Israel. We look at the bitter debates facing conference-goers as they grapple with global and grassroots racism, and ask what message the US gives by sending a low-level bureaucrat to the high-profile international summit, with human rights activists and former White House officials. (Dana Reinhardt, of PBS' Frontline, guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: First Free Elections in East Timor - In East Timor today, voters turned out in large numbers for the first ever democratic multi-party elections, two years after a referendum on independence from Indonesia which led to a killing spree by pro-Indonesian militias. Joanna Jolly, of Associated Press, fills us in on the election that will set East Timor on the road to nationhood.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mr. Rogers Retires - It will be a sad day in the neighborhood tomorrow when Mr. Rogers hangs up his cardigan. For thirty-three years the kindly neighbor has explained the world's mysteries to young children and taught parents how to talk to their kids. Peggy Charren, of Action for Children's Television, credits Mr. Rogers' success to his gentle soul, soft tones and simple direct approach.

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