Disney's Pervasive Influence

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It dominates Times Square, Orlando, Anaheim, a small town in France, and soon, Tokyo. It has its hand in your children's clothing and entertainment options as well as your own with its vast holdings in theme parks, media, retail merchandising, and sports events. Has Disney created a consumer culture that overwhelms other choices and cultural voices? Is it the "happiest place on earth" or a hovering conglomerate jealously squeezing out every ounce of profit? Guest host Loyola Law Professor Laurie Levenson speaks with a mother of three, children's book author, reporter, urban planner, and former Prince Charming!
  • Newsmaker: Mir Space Station - Russian space officials have restored contact with the Mir space station after a 24-hour period that sparked fears the unmanned craft could smash into populated areas. James Oberg, former Johnson Space Center engineer, updates us on the aging ship that's become an ugly step-sibling to the new international space station.
  • Reporter's Notebook: World Series of Poker - This month's Harper's features a piece by a poet-novelist who rubbed shoulders with poker's professional elite at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada. The magazine fronted James McManus the ten thousand-dollar entry fee to test his best poker face against Larry Flynt, evangelical Christians and Amarillo Slim.

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