Does America Need More Free Trade?

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Bill Clinton needed Republican votes to pass NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. Now, George Bush wants Democrats to help him get CAFTA, free trade with Central America, by the Fourth of July. But it-s not going to be easy with either party in Congress. He-s pitching the new treaty as a way to stabilize fragile democracies, but members of Congress in both parties are worried--as always--about the local impact on jobs and protecting favorite industries. We join political reporters, business and labor leaders, policy analysts and advocates of economic justice for a preview of what could be one of this summer-s hottest political issues.
  • Making News: Congressional Pressure for Iraq Withdrawal
    North Carolina-s conservative Republican Walter Jones was a big supporter of invading Iraq, but today he appeared with liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich and two other members of Congress to advocate a timetable for withdrawing American troops. Edward Epstein covered today-s news conference for the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Reporter's Notebook: House Committee Considers Drastic Cuts To Public Broadcasting
    Republicans, including the Chair of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, have been complaining that the Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio are guilty of -liberal bias.- But the 25% cuts in funding approved by a House sub-committee could endanger Sesame Street and other children-s programs popular all over the country. Paul Farhi is covering the story for the Washington Post.

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