Does California Have a Message for the Rest of the US?

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Porno king Larry Flynt, billboard queen Angelyne, former child TV star Gary Coleman are just some of the official candidates for Governor of the biggest state in the Union, along with 30 or 40 people nobody ever heard of before. There-s also the Terminator, the Austrian-born weight-lifter who promises to -clean house- in Sacramento. Unless a federal court delays the process, Californians will vote in October on whether to throw out the Governor they elected just last November. Is California America-s wackiest state or, as Thomas Jefferson said, is -a little rebellion now and then-a good thing?- We hear more about California's recall and whether there's a message the rest of the country can't afford to ignore. We get perspective from journalists and historians, including California-s official state librarian who recently told the Los Angeles Times, -I have defended California in season and out, but I-m throwing in the towel this time.-
  • Making News: Indonesia Bombing
    Police in Indonesia say they-ve identified the suicide bomber responsible for killing 10 people and injuring 150 at the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta. Richard Paddock reports from there for the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Wall Street Journal Reporter on the Enron Scandal
    The collapse of Enron occurred just two months after September 11. Its stock took only 24 days to drop from $34 a share to $8, erasing $19 billion in market capitalization and further eroding confidence in American institutions. Though the story has passed from the forefront of public consciousness, a new book by two Wall Street Journal reporters who helped break the story may bring it back. John Emshwiller is co-author of 24.



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