Does the Energy Bill Have the Arctic in Hot Water?

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Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has been protected from development for almost 50 years. But President Bush calls ANWR the nation's biggest untapped source of oil, and a majority of Congress agrees that the oil will help free the US from dependence on foreign sources. The oil industry insists that modern technology will allow drilling without unacceptable environmental damage. We talk to preservationists and those who want to drill, and hear about industry subsidies, vehicle emission standards and other elements of the Bush energy plan passed by Congress.
  • Newsmaker: Real IRA Bombing and "All or Nothing" Proposal - A car bomb last night tore up a bustling London neighborhood, wounding seven and causing widespread damage and panic. The Chicago Tribune's Liz Sly says the terrorist act was another attempt by IRA dissidents to disrupt the 1998 peace plan. She reports on the reaction from all sides and on a new "all or nothing" peace proposal.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Vieques and Puerto Rican Politics Despite pleas from Puerto Rico and sympathy from President Bush, the Navy is conducting its biggest exercise on Vieques Island since 1999. Oscar Serrano, of Primera Hora, updates us on the latest military training and renewed protests from politicians and residents alike.

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