Domestic Efforts to Block the Road Map to Peace

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For most of the world, the aftermath of war in Iraq is linked to peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The Palestinians have reorganized their government and President Bush has promised Prime Minister Blair he-ll push for the so-called -road map- to peace, which requires concessions from Israel and calls for creating a Palestinian state in three years. Yet, the multi-national effort is opposed by some conservative Christians and Jews as well as some of Bush-s own supporters. We look at that domestic alliance and its role in shaping Middle East policy with Democratic Congressman Robert Andrews of New Jersey, an assistant to President Clinton in Arab-Israeli affairs, and religious leaders from the Apostolic Congress, the Progressive Religious Partnership and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
  • Making News: Jay Garner Meets with Iraqi Delegates in Baghdad
    On this birthday of Saddam Hussein, 250 Iraqis met with former General Jay Garner to help determine what their country-s new government will look like. The meeting may have been as important for who did not attend as it was for who did. Peter Ford, who reports from Baghdad for the Christian Science Monitor, says there is great disagreement over how the transitional government should be formed.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Argentines Look to Peronists Menem, Kirchner in Runoff
    Yesterday, voters in Argentina chose two candidates for a run-off presidential election. Former President Carlos Menem, who many blame for the country-s staggering problems, was the top vote-getter in the 5-candidate race. His opponent in the three-week run-off campaign will be fellow Peronist Nestor Kirchner. H-ctor Tobar of the Los Angeles Times looks at the candidates, the race ahead and its implications for US-Argentine relations.

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