Donors Conference in Madrid: US Passes Hat for Iraq

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Today in Madrid more than 70 countries have gathered for a two-day conference on rebuilding Iraq. The estimated cost is up around 55 billion dollars, with the US promising 20. What are the prospects for contributions from Europe, Japan and the Arab world. Why should other nations help out especially those who opposed the war in the first place? At the conference US Secretary Kofi Annan made an appeal for contributions. Iraq itself is taking a hard line on countries that aren-t willing to contribute to the rebuilding. We talk with an editor covering the Madrid conference for Newsweek magazine, a representative of the German media, the vice-president of the public policy institute New America Foundation and the editor-in-chief of the Arab News.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Frank Gehry on Disney Hall
    Tonight the eyes of the world will be on Los Angeles and it-s not because of an earthquake, civil unrest or another political circus. It-s opening night for Walt Disney Concert Hall which already is being called one of the world-s most dramatic public buildings. The man who designed it is Los Angeles architect Frank Gehry, winner of world wide honors including the Pritzker Prize, which is called the Nobel Prize of Architecture. We-ll talk with the world-renown architect of Walt Disney Concert Hall, Frank Gehry.



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