Economic Summit and the Barons of Bankruptcy

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The bankruptcy of US Airways, news that executives cashed out for billions before the telecom bubble burst, and the hint of Martha Stewart-s participation in insider trading are the just latest business news to shake the confidence of American investors. As a new law requires corporate execs to certify their earnings statements, and the Federal Reserve weighs another interest rate cut, President Bush prepares to convene an economic summit tomorrow to highlight the -fundamental soundness of the economy.- We get a preview from supporters and skeptics, and hear whether the Bush team can really do much to stimulate the economy.
  • Newsmaker: Latest Poll Shows 90% of Palestinians Distrust US
    If America-s goal in the Middle East is a democratic, pluralistic Palestinian state, what do Palestinians want? A remarkable survey has produced results that are -alarming- to the sociologist who conducted it. Nader Sa-id of Birzeit University details some surprising attitudes about issues involving women, Palestinian political institutions, American government and the Israeli occupation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Zero Tolerance over a Bread Knife
    In Hurst, Texas, a high-school honors student and varsity swimming star was surprised when the assistant principal called him out of class. Taylor Hess had a reasonable explanation for the knife in his pickup, but his response didn-t satisfy officials. Pulitzer-winning Los Angeles Times- feature writer Barry Siegel has more on the Zero Tolerance policy that eliminated personal discretion and almost disrupted a promising young life.

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