Election 2000: Lessons Learned

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Election 2000 proved that our voting system needs repair. Computers may be less problematic than chads, but high technology frightens many. So how do we balance the need and prospects for an accurate technology that's foolproof - and tamper-proof -- with the costs? How do we make it acceptable to all political circles? We get answers from the former and incoming chairs of the Federal Election Commission, Congressman Peter Defazio (D-OR), other state and local officials, and a Nobel Prize winner!
  • Newsmaker: World Reaction to Bush Presidency - The international press has expressed little response to Bush's election victory. Most reaction has been relief that it's finally over, and a sense that US superiority has been undercut. June Thomas surveys international papers for the on-line magazine Slate.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Contraception Coverage - A federal commission has charged that insurance plans discriminate against women by paying for Viagra while refusing to pay for birth control pills. Employers say it's just too expensive. Kate Sullivan is director of healthcare policy for the US Chamber of Commerce.

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