Elections of Olympic Proportions

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This week, the International Olympic Committee will make two decisions that will help shape the future of world athletic competition. With human rights and financial scandal both center court, the IOC will decide which country will get the 2008 Games and name a successor to President Juan Antonio Samaranch, the man who democratized the games and made them a multi-billion dollar institution, but also presided over some embarrassing scandals. We'll get a preview of what to expect from the IOC, with sports writers and human rights activists.
  • Newsmaker: Faltering 401K's - Designed as portable pension plans, 401K's have appealed to aggressive investors for their tax-deferability, investment flexibility, and high yield. But now, after 20 years, the plans are losing money. Luis Fleites, of the benefits consulting firm Cerulli Associates, says this wake-up call should remind investors to weigh investment risk against return.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Wild About Wimbledon - Even the crowd had a different look as Goran Invanisevic, a wild card who barely got into the Wimbledon tennis tournament, won it today. David Croft, sports reporter for the BBC, paints the action as the man ranked 125th in the world used his fast serve and passionate determination to defeat heavily favored Patrick Rafter.

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