Energy and Conservation

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Americans are getting mixed messages about energy conservation. Amid warnings there could be a national energy crisis, President Bush's emerging energy program will emphasize increased supply-not decreased demand. California's in the midst of rolling blackouts but, despite pleas from the Governor, officials say there's little evidence that consumers are reducing their use of electrical power. How important is conservation? What would it take for Americans to reduce their wasteful ways?
  • Newsmaker: Northern Ireland-s First Minister Says Guns Go or I Go -- The government of Northern Ireland has been thrown into turmoil once again. Protestant leader David Trimble has given the Irish Republican Army an ultimatum: get rid of your weapons, or I'll quit.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Technology Exposes Cheating at the University of Virginia -- At the University of Virginia, there were rumors of widespread cheating in Physics 105 and 106. To find out how common plagiarism really was, the professor designed a computer program. The results are startling. We talk with Physics Professor Lou Bloomfield at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

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