Energy, Medicare and Pre-Election Politics

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In a divided Congress in a rush to adjourn and prepare for next year-s elections, Medicare reform and energy policy are finally out on the table. Republican leaders have unveiled a massive energy package, with three times more tax breaks for industries than President Bush said he wanted. Also up for last-minute debate is what-s called the biggest transformation of Medicare in 38 years, a bill to provide drug benefits for the first time, along with enormous subsidies for hospitals and private health plans. Will the last-minute legislation cut medical costs and make the nation less dependent on foreign oil? We hear from energy consultants and environmental lobbyists, advocates of prescription drugs for seniors and healthcare analysts.
  • Making News: Massachusetts Allows Gay Marriages
    The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts has ruled that same-sex couples in that state have the right to marry. The court rejected a lower court claim that the primary purpose of marriage was procreation. Attorney Paul Martinek, editor of Lawyers Weekly USA, says the 4-to-3 decision returns the civil-union issue to the Legislature, which is already considering a constitutional amendment to legally define marriage.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Terrorism Highlights Turkey's Muslim-Jewish Relationship
    A group associated with Al Qaeda has taken responsibility for two truck bombings in Istanbul that killed 23 and injured hundreds. Although synagogues were the targets, most of the victims were Turkish shopkeepers and passers-by. Semih Idiz of Turkey's liberal daily, Ahksam, says the incident, which occurred in a neighborhood where Jews and Muslims have lived together for 500 years, further solidifies the relationship Turkey and Israel.

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