Escalating Hostilities in Israel

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After another suicide bombing in Jerusalem, President Bush has again called for Yasser Arafat to stop terrorism and for Israel to halt provocative military escalation like last week's seizure of the PLO's East Jerusalem headquarters. Does it make it harder for Arafat to keep the lid on? Is the Israeli impulse for peace making giving way to the hard line nationalism of the past? Amid heightened tensions, we search for a way out of the continuing cycle of violence, with diplomats, journalists and politicians.
  • Newsmaker: Ford and Firestone Go to Court - Last year, Firestone recalled 6.5 million tires after accidents involving Ford's popular Explorer SUV. Today, the first of some 400 lawsuits goes to trial. Mark Truby of The Detroit News says both companies have their reputation and millions of dollars at stake.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Fidel Castro Turns 75 - Although Cuba's Fidel Castro has joked about his recent collapse during a public speech, his health is no laughing matter. The Miami Herald's Pulitzer-Prize winning Andres Oppenheimer speculates on the fitness the 75 year old leader, and the changing political landscape in Havana and Miami.

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