Escalating Tensions between India and Pakistan

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A 50-year old border dispute, intensified by religious differences, is creating a mix that's just as explosive as the Middle East. India says it doesn't want war but has accused Pakistan of state-sponsored terrorism. Escalating tensions are all the more ominous by the fact that India and Pakistan both have nuclear weapons. We look what may become next big international crisis, the looming possibility of nuclear war, and the options for a very worried United States. We get background on the ongoing conflict, then learn about diplomatic efforts to resolve tensions from experts on international relations, the Kashmir dispute, and a former State Department official who was instrumental in developing sanctions on India and Pakistan following nuclear testing by those countries.
  • Newsmaker: Argentina Spiraling Downwards - In Argentina, police stormed Cordoba's City Hall where rioting workers were trashing their offices. In Buenos Aires, tear gas and rubber bullets were used on looters who broke store windows to get food and clothing. Thomas Catan, Buenos Aires correspondent for The Financial Times, offers several causes for the collapsing economy of the "highly dollarized" nation and consequences for neighboring countries.
  • Reporter's Notebook: FDNY Calendar Conundrum - For the past several years, the New York Fire Department has been featured in a tongue-in-cheek Firehouse Hunks calendar whose proceeds benefit charity. But three of next year's poster boys were among the 343 firefighters who died on September 11. Mei Fong, of The Wall Street Journal, reports that family and firefighters differ on whether the fallen American icons should be remembered as heroes or hunks.

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