Escalation in Israel

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In the Middle East-has Israel moved another day closer to war? Two Israeli soldiers are beaten to death by a Palestinian mob. Israeli helicopter-gunships strike back near Yasser Arafat's headquarters in two Palestinian towns. An Israeli Army spokesman called it "a very stern message." Yasser Arafat called it "a declaration of war." Today on "To the Point," we'll get reaction from Washington and the Middle East, including speculation that a controversial general may take over Israel's Ministry of Defense.
  • Newsmaker: The US Destroyer Cole was hit by a deadly explosion today while it was refueling in the Persian Gulf port of Aden. Three American sailors were killed and 36 were wounded. Nadia Al-Saqqas is chief editor of the Yemen Times, the only independent English language paper in that country. Also joining us is Bruce Hoffman, Washington-based counter terrorism expert at RAND, a non-profit public policy institute. Author of Inside Terrorism.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Presidential historian, Robert Dallek, looks at last night's debate, as the campaign continues in the midst of international crisis.



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