Espionage Etiquette

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Both sides continue to point fingers over the collision of a US spy plane and Chinese fighter jet that left the Chinese pilot presumed dead and 24 Americans detained. Despite diplomatic posturing and carefully crafted rhetoric that leaves both governments a way out, little if any progress toward a settlement seems to have been made. We examine reasons and resolutions for an incident without precedent, with a former military officer at the US embassy in Beijing, the former chair of Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley, and experts in international law, defense and national security. (Diana Nyad guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Bush and Congress - Uniting or Dividing? - A recent Gallup Poll found Democrats disapprove of President Bush's early performance by 54 to 26 percent. Since World War II, only President Clinton drew comparable early negative response from the opposing party. CNN's Bill Schneider names tax reform as the issue that shattered Bush's attempts at bi-partisanship.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Making an Athlete - IMG Sports Academies - Every spring and summer, thousands of kids head off to athletic camps for intense instruction in their preferred sport. Mark Hyman, of Business Week magazine, takes us to the Cadillac of all camps, a place in Florida where parents can spend 50,000 dollars a year in pursuit of their child's tennis or golf excellence.

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