Expectations of War on Iraq

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Despite America-s failure to take out Iraq-s senior leadership in a single bombing raid, US troops moved north last week without much apparent trouble. Then, over the weekend, Iraqi resistance produced US casualties and prisoners of war on TV. Most of the war coverage we-ve seen has focused on Southern Iraq. Though the public still supports the war, there are many skeptics and thousands of protesters. Overseas, there is massive opposition. How do the American and Arab world hear the conflict? We discuss ideological and media biases, the treatment of prisoners of war, and the prospects for victory with journalists embedded in US troops and in the Arab world as well as military and national security analysts.
  • Making News: General Tommy Franks Updates War in Qatar
    After a weekend of news reports of American setbacks in Iraq, General Tommy Franks took over from lower ranking officers to deliver today-s Central Command briefing in Qatar. Newsweek-s Martha Brant, who attended the briefing in the capital city of Doha, reports that Gen. Frank addressed US military strategy of bypassing urban centers and the surprisingly low number of prisoners of war.
  • Reporter's Notebook: US Protests Russian Companies- Weapon Sales to Iraq
    President Bush has phoned President Putin to protest ongoing support to Iraqi military forces by Russian companies that produces jamming equipment, night goggles and anti-tank guided missiles, all prohibited by UN sanctions. Pavel Felgenhauer, a defense commentator for several Russian newspapers, says that Russia is not alone in these high-tech sales that he initially reported in 1997.

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Gen. Frank-s March 24 briefing

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