F as in Fat

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We are an overweight nation--the fattest in the world and our collective girth has become a collective health issue. Our children sit in front of computer games instead of playing outdoors. We're busy so we turn to fast, convenient foods for lunch and pizza for dinner. We don't walk much any more. Even going to the gym isn't as efficient as living a consistently active, mobile lifestyle. We didn't put on all these extra pounds over night and we're not going to take them off over night, either. After decades of being warned about our ever-expanding obesity problem, there's a movement to bring fresh foods back to the American diet and to get us off the couch and out of the car and moving again. Guest host Diana Nyad explores nationwide strategies geared toward revamping the current American lifestyle.
  • Making News: President Bush Intervenes with Shiite Negotiators
    Talks toward agreement on a constitution in Iraq are at a standstill. At the breaking point, President Bush stepped in and made a call to one of the Shiite leaders, urging inclusion of Sunni concerns. Iraq's Sunni Vice President states the current draft of the document is written by only Shiites and Kurds and "is far from the aspirations of all Iraqi people". Ashraf Khalil is in Baghdad, covering the negotiations for the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: More and More Hurricanes For Florida?
    Four people were killed and a million homes and businesses lost power as Hurricane Katrina made her way across south Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico last night. It seems Floridians expect a constant stream of hurricanes coming their way these days. Does global warming play a part in the increased frequency of these deadly storms? We ask Jim Lushine, a severe weather expert for the National Weather Service, based in South Florida.
Guest host Diana Nyad, 2002 inductee into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, is a business sports columnist for Marketplace, senior sports correspondent for Fox News, and has hosted her own show on CNBC. She's also the author of three books.



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