Federal Response to Katrina Called 'National Disgrace'

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Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff got a grilling today from Senators of both parties. Why did disaster workers run around "like Keystone cops" in response to Hurricane Katrina? At the same time, a committee of House Republicans called the federal response "a national disgrace." Even the Bush White House is said to be preparing a scathing report on the federal response to Katrina. There's a lot of tough talk on Capitol Hill, but will multiple, ongoing investigations find out what really went wrong? Will they produce new strategies for future disasters? Will they be any help to Katrina victims, many of whom are still without housing or jobs?
  • Reporters Notebook: Vice President Cheney Plays It Close to the Vest
    Dick Cheney finally is scheduled to speak publicly about his accidental shooting of a hunting companion this weekend. The Vice President's recorded interview with Fox News will air tonight. Former Republican Congressman Vin Weber, who's close to the Bush White House, says Cheney's lack of public response has made the issue "much bigger than it needed to be." The New York Times' David Sanger calls the handling of the Cheney incident a far cry from that of President Bush's cycling accident in 2002.

Select Bipartisan Committee to Investigate the Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Katrina

Select Bipartisan Committee's report,

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