Financial Mismanagement in Iraq Occupation, Reconstruction?

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With the transfer of power about to take place in Iraq, questions arise about who will keep track of billions of American tax dollars, not to mention Iraqi oil revenues. Independent watchdogs say billions in oil revenues are being spent by the occupying coalition. Meantime, Congressional auditors have reported waste, abuse and mismanagement of billions of American taxpayers- dollars. They've been sharply critical of Pentagon contracts awarded, especially those to the largest contractors of all, Halliburton, and its subsidiary KBR. As the transition approaches, Warren Olney investigates what safeguards are being put in place to avoid more waste and possible corruption with a former member of the Iraqi Reconstruction Council, former officials at the Pentagon and Office of Management and Budget, and Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman of Los Angeles.
  • Making News: President Bush at EU Summit in Ireland
    President Bush is in for a week of summit meetings, starting tomorrow in Ireland. Last night on Irish television, he said that people who judge the United States by the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib -don-t really understand America.- Joe Humphries, who writes for the Irish Times in Dublin, says Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, who currently heads the European Union, must balance loyalty to the US with Irish popular sentiment.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Hollywood and Politically Charged Films
    Michael Moore-s Fahrenheit 9/11 opens today in 868 theaters nationwide, a record for anything called a -documentary.- It's expected to make some serious money, but no major studio would touch it--much like Mel Gibson-s, The Passion of Christ. Award-winning Robert Greenwald has produced or directed 45 films, including The Crooked E, about Enron, and Steal this Movie, about Yippie Abbie Hoffman. Greenwald lauds the explosion of politically charged films in Hollywood.

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