Florida Recount and the 43rd President of the US

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After the Florida recount, we still don-t have a winner. Bush still leads, but Gore says it-s not over yet. Bush aides warn that confidence in the electoral process is running out, while Gore-s advisors describe the frustrating wait as democracy in action. If the dispute in Florida goes to court, Republicans are threatening to challenge Democratic victories in other states. We look at possible outcomes with nationally syndicated columnist and NPR commentator Matt Miller, the executive director of the Republican party of Wisconsin, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and the man in charge of the hand recount in one of four Florida counties
  • Newsmaker: Who will occupy the White House after Clinton? We await word from Tallahassee, Florida, where presidential history is being made. We spoke about the historic recount with Peter Deutsch, Democratic Congressman from Broward County in South Florida, and David Dreier, Republican Congressman from eastern Los Angeles County and Chair of the House Committee on Rules
  • Reporter's Notebook: Florida is being called a banana republic, but a local columnist says that-s a bad rap. Novelist Shelly Fraser Mickel, comments on the foibles of her native Florida.



Warren Olney