Florida Should be Certifiable

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Is Bush finally the President-elect or are there still more votes to be counted? Is it time for Gore to step down -- or step up his battles in court? Can he get enough votes to overcome Bush's official lead? If so, would the US Supreme Court still matter? We hear several opinions from Erwin Chemerinsky, who contested the butterfly ballot on behalf of independent Florida voters; Douglas Kmiec, former counsel to President Reagan; Warren Richey, legal writer for the Christian Science Monitor; David Corn of The Nation; and David Frum, senior fellow at Manhattan Institute, and contributing editor at the conservative Weekly Standard.
  • Newsmaker: The Conference Call -
    During a televised conference call today, Vice President Gore spoke with Democratic Congressional leaders who are in Florida to support Gore's fight for the presidency. Despite certification of Bush's victory, Rep. Richard Gephardt and Sen. Tom Daschle said they want Gore to soldier on. Here with an update on Gore's court actions is Henry Weinstein, legal affairs reporter for the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Global Warming Conference -
    After three years of bitter negotiations, the latest conference on global warming collapsed Saturday at The Hague, in Holland. We hear more from Geoffrey Lean, environment editor of the London-based newspaper The Independent on Sunday, who covered the conference.



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