Florida Supreme Court Has Ruled: So What's Next?

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Even Florida's highest court may not have the last word. While Democrats hail the ruling of Florida's State Supreme Court, Republicans say it violates the constitution. There's even talk the State Legislature might try to upset it. As arguments rage, we ask whether Gore get enough dimples and hanging chads to make a difference. Our guests include a newly elected Republican representative to Florida's State Legislature, former assistant attorney general in the US Department of Justice, California Congressman David Dreier, David Corn, Washington editor of The Nation
    Newsmaker: Ballot Recounts Pick Up Speed - Beyond all the hullabaloo over the recounts and whether they're legal, lies the ultimate question of whether they can give Vice President Gore enough votes to overcome the unofficial lead held by Governor Bush since election night. We ask Mark Silva, senior political writer for the Miami Herald.



Warren Olney