Foot and Mouth Disease

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As the first confirmed cases of foot and mouth disease appear in the Netherlands and France, Europe braces to fight the highly infectious ailment that has shut down much of England's farms and tourism. No longer finger pointing, governments have begun searching for a united response to a problem that's intensified by increased global trade and tourism. We explore the prophylactic efforts and political fallout with a British farmer, experts in England, France, Germany, and the US, including a representative of California's Department of Food and Agriculture. (Matt Miller guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Supreme Court Decisions - A Supreme Court decision today allowing employers to force arbitration on workers has broad implications for potential employees. A second decision extends protection to pregnant mothers by expanding the prohibition of police "drug roadblocks." Attorney and legal scholar Edward Lazarus has more on today's decisions.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Commander Waddle Damns the Torpedoes - A US Navy court of inquiry is deliberating the fate of the three top officers of the submarine that collided with a Japanese fishing vessel, killing nine. The court heard 33 witnesses, including five hours of surprise testimony from Commander Scott Waddle himself. James Sterngold, of The New York Times, is in Honolulu following the story.

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