Football: The Super Bowl of Super Injuries

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-If you don-t wake up hurting on Monday, you didn-t play hard enough Sunday.- That-s the motto of professional football players, in a sport which demands the vicious blocks and tackles that make for highlight reels and video games. It also makes for 300-pound behemoths that get old before their time. Yet even players who know they-ll be crippled for life acknowledge that it-s just the nature of the game. We explore why they do it, who gets the money, and why we want to watch, with a former team physician for the Raiders, a former quarterback for the Houston Oilers, sports sociologists and sports writers.
  • Newsmaker: Spain Arrests 19 al Qaeda Suspects in Predawn Raid
    Near Barcelona, Spain has arrested 16 people accused of preparing chemical attacks on locations not yet revealed. Spanish Prime Minister Jos- Mar-a Aznar has called the group a -major terrorist network- with links to Osama bin Laden. Sebastian Rotella, Paris bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, reports that suspects are thought to have connections with terrorists recently arrested in France and the United Kingdom.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Amphibious Ships Set Sail as US Builds for Possible War
    Seven US Navy ships have set sail from Virginia, carrying troops and equipment to the Persian Gulf for possible war in Iraq. The -Amphibious Task Force East- existed only on paper until it was mobilized just weeks ago. Dennis O-Brian of Norfolk-s Virginian Pilot, who-s traveling aboard the USS Kearsarge with 1200 sailors and 1700 Marines, says that even without the usual pre-launch training, the troops are performing admirably.

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