Future Technology and the Automobile

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As auto show season starts, what are the politics and practice of car design? There is growing grassroots opposition to gas-guzzling cars, but many Americans still love them. How is Washington and Detroit responding? Will we get a taste of the future on the auto show floors next week?
Conan Nolan of KNBC TV guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: Los Alamos Loses Director Under Cloud of Scandals
    Theft, fraud and security lapses are problems for any business, but this time it-s the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the nation-s premier top security research center. Reports indicate that the head of the lab and his deputy are leaving in the wake of widespread problems which have nation reconsidering the management of the facility, which is run for the Energy Department by the University of California. Michael Kilian, correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, has more.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Democrats Want Even Media Score with GOP
    Former US Senate leader, Tom Daschle, last November, blamed talk radio for the Republican Party-s surprising performance in the midterm elections. Voters had been immersed in GOP talking points, with Rush Limbaugh leading the way, aided by the perceived conservative slant of Fox News Channel, the nation-s top cable news channel. Jim Rutenberg, media reporter for the New York Times, looks at the Democrats renewed efforts to even the media score.



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