George Bush, Tony Blair and the 'Special Relationship'

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George Bush and Tony Blair were all smiles in the Rose Garden today in what looks like their last meeting before November's election. Despite the light mood, a lot of uncertainties lie ahead. Britain may be America-s strongest ally, but this bloody week in Iraq has caused even more political damage for the Prime Minister than it has for the President. Blair has been taking political heat since the war in Iraq began. For the past year, critics have called him -Bush-s poodle.- Bush-s latest shift toward Israel has angered the Arab world, leading to increased doubts at home about Blair-s influence with Washington. Warren Olney investigates the points of stress in the -special relationship- and the history of Britain-s experience in Iraq with journalists, historians and a former Middle East specialist for the CIA.
  • Making News: Bush-Blair Meeting
    Despite the deadly violence of the past two weeks, the President and the Prime Minister spoke with one voice today on the June 30 deadline for the transfer of power in Iraq. The President acknowledged Iraqis' possible doubt about US-British intentions to continue their support, but promised to honor that commitment. Dana Milbank, who covers the White House for the Washington Post, has more on this morning's meeting.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Trademarking 'You-re Fired'
    Last night on his hit TV show, The Apprentice, Donald Trump finally said, -You-re hired,- but he-s best known for -You-re fired.- Now, he wants legal rights to a phrase that employers have used ever since there have been employees. So what about Susan Brenner, who-s run a ceramics studio by that name since 1997? David Hechler, who writes for the National Law Journal, offers some insight.

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