George W. Bush's First Earth Day

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On the Eve of Earth Day, environmentalists are calling George W. Bush the most anti-Green president since Ronald Reagan. Bush walked away from the Kyoto Treaty, broke a campaign promise on power plant emissions, and refused to cut arsenic in drinking water, but supporters claim he's not much different from Bill Clinton. Can Bush turn his image around? How does Clinton's record stand up? We weigh the politics and practicality of environmentalism with a Pennsylvania Congressman, Republican political strategist, and representatives from three national environmental groups.
  • Newsmaker: Fed Cuts Interest Rate - In another surprise move today, the Federal Reserve cut an additional half percent off the benchmark interest rate. Margaret Popper, "Street Wise" columnist for Business Week Online explains the unusual timing of the Fed's action, and what it portends for the stock and housing market.
  • Reporter's Notebook: School District Shuns Standardized Testing - The New York suburb of Scarsdale has one of the nation's best public school systems, with some of the nation's highest scores on the standardized tests that are required by law. But at a time when more standardized tests are being called for by school reformers, Scarsdale parents like Melanie Spivak, are saying "no."

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