Global Gun Violence: Media Influence, Gun Control

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Mourners in Erfurt are responding to a recent orgy of gun violence by expressing fear that "Germany is America now." Their sentiment is being echoed across France, Great Britain and Switzerland as Europeans, shocked by outbreaks of deadly gun violence, say they don't want to be like America. Despite some of the world's toughest gun control laws, some countries have even seen police killings and armored car heists with thieves using rocket-propelled grenades. We join media producers and researchers, a gun control advocate and gun lobbyist for a discussion about America's image, how it's projected in popular culture and on the news, and gun control here and abroad.
  • Newsmaker: Pakistanis Go to the Polls on Musharraf
    Pakistan's President Purvez Mushareff has called for a referendum on keeping himself in power for the next five years. His declaration that the victory would be binding if 35 percent of the voters turned out moved opposition leaders to call for a boycott. After three weeks of campaigning, the voting has just ended. Najam Sethi, who edits Friday Times in Lahore, Pakistan, says the election lacks credibility at home and abroad.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Internet Radio: A Day of Silence or Forever Silent?
    Many Internet radio stations will go silent tomorrow to protest a prospective government action they say threatens their very existence. The US Copyright Office is considering the establishment of a royalty fee for music played on web radio. Jefferson Graham, technology reporter for USA Today, reports on the potential impact on "the unsung gem of the digital age."

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