Global Reach of the Middle East Conflict

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All over the world, Israel's conflict with the Palestinians is the subject not just of attention but of emotions deeply felt. The hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians may have the power to destabilize governments throughout the Arab world. They influence America's relations with its European allies and have generated several resolutions by the United Nations. Russia wants a role in the peacemaking process. Even in Africa, emotions run high. Is it history, religion, the politics of oil? We begin our examination of the reverberation of Middle East passions and politics with the Arab world where the impact is most directly felt, then move on to Russia, France, Africa and Central Asia.
  • Newsmaker: Dutch Government Resigns over Srebrenica Massacre
    The government of the Netherlands collapsed today, with all members of Prime Minister Wim Kok's three-party coalition resigning from their cabinet jobs. Their action came in the aftermath of a recent report on the Dutch Army's failure to stop a 1995 massacre of some 7500 Muslims in the Bosnian city of Srebrenica. From The Hague, Marcel Van de Hoef reports on the resignations and their impact on upcoming elections.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Shape of Life
    The Shape of Life is an eight-part TV series by the producers of many National Geographic specials. But this PBS series deals with creatures considerably less charismatic than polar bears. Executive producer Mark Shelley shares the joy and challenge of exploring the earliest forms of life and making interesting television out of uninteresting creatures.

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