Globalization After September 11

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The lords of world capitalism are meeting today in at the World Economic Forum in New York while anarchists, socialists and radicals of all kinds are convening at the World Economic Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The two very different groups share a common interest in corporate globalization and whether it has a future after September 11. As the meetings get underway, we speak with journalists in New York and Porto Alegre. We also examine the future of economic globalization in an era of terrorism, and President Bush's call for spreading Western values to the Muslim world, with political scientists Richard Dekmejian, from the University of Southern California, and Lewis Snider, of Claremont Graduate University's School of Politics and Economics.
  • Newsmaker: The Dangers of Covering the War on Terror
    The Pakistani group that kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl has relaxed its deadline, giving Pearl one more day to live. The group has demanded that, in exchange for Pearl, Pakistanis held in Cuba be sent home and that American reporters leave Pakistan. Scott Baldauf, South Asia bureau chief for The Christian Science Monitor is in the Indian province of Kashmir.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Author Susan Sontag Sells Papers to UCLA
    Susan Sontag has authored works of nonfiction, short stories and plays. Her novel In America won the National Book Award. For her body of work, she received the Jerusalem Prize just last year. Now, to the envy of other institutions around the country, she is selling her literary archive to UCLA. Sontag muses on life, literature and America's role in the world.



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