Google in China and Cyber-espionage

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Google's claim of cyber attacks in China has turned into an international incident with Hillary Clinton calling today for "consequences" and "condemnation."  Is China's government trying to steal Google's secrets?  Is it threatened by the growth of organized activism on the Internet? Also, the Supreme Court weighs in on free speech and federal campaign limits. On Reporter's Notebook, President Obama goes populist, saying he's ready to fight to curb what he called "irresponsible" practices by the biggest banks on Wall Street.

Banner image: Google chief executive Eric Schmidt (C), Vice President, Engineering and President of Google China Kai-Fu Lee (L) and Google's president of sales and business development for Greater China Johnny Chou spell Chinese characters 'Gu Ge' at the inauguration of the company new Chinese brand name April 12, 2006 in Beijing, China. Photo: Guang Niu/Getty Images